About NWTP

North West Taxi Proprietors is a cross community umbrella group set up to tackle problems within the taxi industry and to co-ordinate the organisation of the industry in an effort ‘to create a fair and regulated taxi industry for everyone’.

NWTP has evolved and become much more of a community group dealing with issues of income & employment, influencing government,  health, education and volunteering for the wider community.

NWTP have developed Self Employment Support Services which caters for not only taxi drivers but also hair dressers, beauticians, joiners, electricians, plumbers, labourers….. NWTP can cater for anyone beginning self employment or sustaining self employment. We also assist with CIS for the building trade.

NWTP’s main office is based in Derry at the Rath Mor Centre but we have clients from all over the North using our programmes and services.

NWTP is a not for profit group developing as a social economy enterprise. We continue to seek funding to deliver programmes that both improve the taxi industry and assist people back into work.

More infomation on these key areas can be found within ‘Projects


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