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North West Taxi Proprietors formed in October 1998 as a cross community umbrella group set up to tackle problems within the taxi industry has evolved into a community group and delivered many projects over the years.


We now specialise in self-employment, working benefits, tax advice (for self-employed) taxi licensing and taxi driver training. We have an Accountant and a Welfare Right Advisor delivering support for people. We have developed self-employment support services for a wide variety of people outside the taxi industry. We have also developed back to work schemes, training, advocacy services and technical assistance for a range of issues. We help people to draw down working benefits annually creating social equity for them and have expanded our reach as far as Belfast.

Advice & Support Centre

Our  Advice & Support Centre is here to help people, the unemployed, self employed and small business owners.

We offer Welfare Rights advice and help for people transitioning into (Self) Employment.

Self Employment Support Services

We offer a range of support services for people moving into self employment and further services to help sustain their self employment.

Tax Returns - Accounts

Our accountant will help you with you Self Assessment tax returns and HMRC responsibilities.

We will register new clients and advise them on how to maintain their HMRC affairs.

New Taxi Course - For Beginners

Our new taxi course is aimed at beginners to help them pass the DVA Taxi Theory & Taxi Driving Tests.

People on Universal Credit can get their training and fees paid by Jobs & Benefits.

Back to Work Plans

We listen to people and work with them to overcome barriers to employment. We networks with other agencies to explore opportunity for people trying to get back to work.

Our Back to Work Plans include helping people become taxi drivers & employment in other sectors.

Taxi Training & Taxi Support Services

Our Taxi Training Centre is accredited by JAUPT / DVSA and delivers taxi periodic Training (Classroom based & online).

We also deliver support with Taxi Licensing and online issues.

In our Advice & Support Centre we are:

  • Delivering Self-Employment Support Services 
  • Delivering Advice & Support to those on Working Benefits
  • Assisting & Preparing Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • Helping people with their HMRC & other responsibilities
  • Assisting people to get 'Back to Work'
  • Assisting with online Taxi Licensing
  • Training people to Become Taxi Drivers
  • Delivering Taxi Periodic Training (TDPT - CPC)
  • Working on behalf of our client base delivering for them

"Your One Stop Shop for Self-Employment Support"

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We run an Advice and Support centre in the Rath Mór Center in Derry delivering self employment support services. Our Advice & Support Centre mainly caters for people becoming self-employed and people sustaining their self-employment. 

We offer advice, help, support, and a plan to people who are unemployed and want to be self-employed. We offer self-employment support services, advice and technical assistance to people trying to sustain their self-employment.

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This project is supported by:


​"We are a community group that helps people get Back to Work
Then we support you to sustain your employment"

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