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For Taxi Licensing & General Taxi Advice please contact Eamonn.

He is also available via email at eamonn@nwtp.org 

"To create a fair and regulated Taxi Industry for everyone"
Community Projects
NWTP has developed a number of community projects over the years. Our latest project is the Community Support Initiative (CSI).
Community Projects
Taxi CPC Training
​NWTP Taxi Training Centre delivers Taxi CPC training. We deliver locally and we go to your area to deliver also. Interested? Contact us.
CPC Training
Taxi CPC Training
Taxi Support Services
NWTP have Taxi Support Services to assist taxi drivers to sustain their self-employment and taxi licences - Driver, Vehicle & Operator.
Support Services
Delivering Support Services to the Taxi Industry
Delivering Taxi CPC Training
Delivering Community Projects
Delivering Change
Working on behalf of the Taxi Industry