North West Taxi Proprietors was founded after a series of taxi meetings in 1998 that were called to address the issue of unfair competition from the unregulated sector. At that time the taxi industry was outnumbered three to one by the unregulated sector.

Initially NWTP was a lobby group seeking change to the way the taxi industry was administered by the DOE and we were also seeking to create a voice for the local taxi industry and articulate their case. We developed an agreed vision for the local taxi industry and began working for change.

Our mission statement was and is  “to create a fair and regulated taxi industry for everyone”.

We sought funding for the group and were helped by the Social Economy Agency. Finally, we received funding moved to the Rath Mor Centre.

The Rath Mor Centre has been our home for over 15 years. With more funding from the Big Lottery Fund NWTP evolved to become more of a community group and we took on other issues besides lobbying like health, education, income & employment and we developed a few volunteering projects (Taxi Watch, taxi drivers with throw-lines and Foyle First Responders, taxi drivers with Defibs) and we developed several programmes. We continued lobbying for change within the taxi industry and worked with many others along the way.

NWTP found Rath Mor to be a good place to be located. We received help and advice from CEL over the years and like CEL we developed services and began operating as a social economy enterprise.

NWTP has supported the local taxi industry with services and advice. We have helped over 500 people to access self-employment. All our lobbying culminated in the Taxis Act in 2008 which opened the door for Taxi Plates, Operator Licensing, Taxi Meters and new roof signs along with several other elements improving the administration of the taxi industry. It is a huge achievement to change the law. More work remains to done in the taxi review 2017 to iron out the wrinkles.

The Community Support Initiative (CSI) is our latest project. CSI is a new project aimed at developing and sustaining local jobs through a holistic approach that offers advice, help, support and technical assistance to develop and sustain self-employment, social economy enterprises and local services.

CSI is aimed at a much wider audience than the taxi industry. NWTP is using all the experience gained over the years to deliver for our community through the CSI project.

If you are thinking of becoming self-employed, need help to sustain your self-employment or need a good advocate to fight your corner then call CSI 028 71362556.

What we do for people

Taxi Support Services

NWTP delivers Taxi Support Services to our taxi community.

We are expanding our services to help other self employed people outside the taxi industry.

We register people to become self employed and support them throughout their self employment in a variety of ways, tax returns, tax credit, form filling, health issues, repute issues, technical issues and many other forms of support.

CPC Taxi Training

NWTP delivers CPC Taxi Training. We deliver it locally or we can go to other localities.

Our Taxi Training is delivered by taxi drivers.

Our first two modules are based on disability awareness and we are developing more modules.

Our training is delivered in comfortable and relaxed surroundings.

Community Projects


NWTP has developed a number of good programmes down the years like the Drive 2 Health, Taxi Watch and Foyle First Responders.

Our programmes have proved to be innovative and effective.

CSI (Community Support Initiative) is our latest community project. CSI is funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

For more information on CSI click here.