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About Us

We deliver training and support services to clients. Our services are aimed at a much wider audience than the taxi industry. We are using all our experience gained over the years to deliver for our community through this project.

If you are thinking of becoming self-employed, need help to sustain your self-employment or need a good advocate to fight your corner or need taxi training then call us 028 71362556 or email

  • We will support you into self employment and mentor you

  • We will support you to sustain your self employment

  • We will act as your advocate when things need sorted out

  • We will help & advise you along the road of self employment

  • We will assist you to explore creative ways to improve your business


Self-Employment Support Services

Self-employment support is the most popular service requested. We assist self-employed people with their HMRC responsibilities. We prepare Self Assessment Returns, submit returns, and assist clients to pay their bills online for tax and NIC (National Insurance Contributions - Class 2 & Class 4) .

We also offer advice, advocacy, technical assistance, and support services to assist people to maintain their self-employment.

We assist hairdressers, barbers, dog groomers, cleaners, plumbers, electricians, taxi drivers and others working in a variety of trades to maintain their self-employment.

We assist people on Working Benefits, like Working Tax Credits, Universal Credit, Housing Benefit, Carers Allowance and other working benefits, to complete additional forms linked to their self-employment.

We prepare and submit SA Returns for people working in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). We help people identify their allowable expenses and complete a return.


Along with self-employment support services our package offers taxi drivers support with their online licensing responsibilities. We assist taxi drivers with Taxi Driver’s License (TDL), Taxi Vehicle License (TVL) and Taxi Operator License (TOL). This can be a separate service if SA Returns are completed elsewhere.

We have a bespoke training course to assist people to become taxi drivers. Clients receive materials and support to pass the taxi theory test. Taxi driving lessons prepare clients for the taxi driving test. Then clients are assisted with online processes.

Car Interior

We also deliver Taxi Driver Periodic Training (TDPT) commonly called Taxi CPC. We deliver classroom based and online training. We are accredited and audited by DVSA/JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training).

Our office is in The Rath Mor Centre (upstairs) which has been our home for over 20 years and we continue to operate from there. We have helped over 500 people to access self-employment through projects aimed at developing and sustaining local jobs. We use a holistic approach that offers advice, help, support, and technical assistance to develop and sustain self-employment, social economy enterprises and local services.

  • We listen to YOU and find out what YOU want to do.

  • We identify your barriers to work and begin the process to address them.

  • We work with you to help you transition into (self) employment.

  • We network with other agencies to identify opportunity.

  • We lobby government to create more opportunity.

  • We look at training to assist you to where you want to work


This project is supported by:

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