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We are a 'One Stop Shop' for self-employed people and taxi drivers and for people moving to these sectors. We simplify all the red tape and bureaucracy that people find off putting and assist you to get on with your job whether its as a hairdresser, barber, cleaner, tour guide, taxi driver or whatever.



In our Advice & Support Centre we mainly cater for people becoming self-employed and people sustaining their self employment. 

We offer advice, support, help and technical assistance. We deal with your issues. We become your advocate to speak on your behalf to officialdom when necessary. We fight your corner.

We offer help and assistance to people in self-employment who fall into sickness and need help to access benefit and a route back into work.

We offer advice on Welfare Rights like JSA, ESA, Working Tax Credit, Universal Credit, Housing Benefit, Carers, PIP and a range of other benefits.


We  also offer a benefits check to explore what you now get and what you may be entitled to if your circumstances change, like becoming self employed or married.


We offer people who are unemployed help to explore their options and a plan to get 'Back to Work'.


We work with Success NW to help the economically inactive to get into the labour market. We have training options and support services to assist the process.


We help people on the journey from unemployment to self-employment. We assist with the transition speaking to Jobs & Benefits to access additional support for you.


We offer self employment support services, advice and technical assistance to people trying to sustain their self employment.


We offer support to people developing ideas for employment.

Want to learn more, we would love to hear from you – contact us – make an appointment and pop in for a chat.


We offer a range of help &  support for self-employed people.

Help with:​​

Registration for Self-Employment

SA Tax Returns


Tax Credit (WTC & CTC), Universal Credit, Carers Allowance, Housing Benefit, EMA, Student fees......

Record keeping templates and books for expenditure & income

Profit & Loss Templates

Template letters

Sickness Benefit

Compliance Checks

Form Filling.

Our Advocacy Service works on your behalf dealing with red tape and officialdom. We are a buffer between people and officialdom. Often people get overwhelmed with red tape and officialdom. We are here to help! Whatever your issues call in and chat and we’ll try and be of assistance. Contact us.​

Typical issues: -

HMRC issues – Tax credit delayed, system checks, UTR issues

DVA Taxi Licensing - The digital system, Access NI, RTW, EDC...

Taxi License stuck in the system - 352 medical issues, repute issues

Insurance issues

Local issues

And the list goes on……

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