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Taxi Support Services


We deliver Taxi Support Services to our taxi community. We help and support people through a number of issues like taxi licensing, medical, repute and Access NI applications.

We also register people to become self-employed and support them throughout their self-employment in a variety of ways, tax returns, tax credit, form filling, health issues, repute issues, technical issues and many other forms of support.

Taxi Drivers need to be aware of the new HMRC Conditionality rules passed in Westminster in June 2022 for here. Office managers need to be aware of the impact it is having in England & Wales this year (passed last year for them).

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Periodic Taxi Training - TDPT (CPC)

NWTP delivers Periodic Taxi Training. We deliver it locally or we can go to other localities. It is classroom based and also delivered online.

  • Our Taxi Training is delivered by taxi drivers.

  • Our current modules are based on disability awareness and essential taxi skills.

  • Our training is delivered in comfortable and relaxed surroundings.


For more information on Taxi TDPT click here


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